Friday, August 20, 2010


There were many things that happen in my life just now!

First,I was late for my solat Subuh.
Second,something like headache was hounting me when study.
Third,I wanted to slap him and said "Honey! Im right here,are you blind?"
Fourth,I was running like a duck when it saw a frog? Haha
Fifth,I felt well with my nose(FLU) while answering my exam papers.
Sixth,I slept at class while History paper. The best part was I didnt finish answering the paper. Guess what? Cikgu Asikin will kill me:)
Seventh,I really love to see again and again while SHE with her. Just go away, she's mine.
Eighth,love mosquitoes until I let it bites me. Countless.
Nineth,He always be there for me:) Thank buddy.
Tenth,say Hello to my psp and goodbye blogger:)